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Our natural ecosystem is intricately connected. It’s because of this connection that the health of habitat areas and waterways in Jefferson County impact the ecosystems in Kitsap and King Counties. That’s why it’s so critical to make sure communities in every corner of our state are able to access the resources necessary to develop and improve their outdoor spaces. As Washingtonians, we are stronger when we are united, and our families, forests, and wildlife are healthier when they are connected. Through our efforts, more communities across the state are able to develop new public parks and playgrounds, permanently protect vulnerable outdoor lands, preserve wildlife habitat, improve air and water quality, and access nutritious, locally grown food. Places many Microsoft Alumni know and love, like the East Lake Sammamish Trail, Marymoor Park ballfields, Mount Si, and South Lake Union Park, exist today because of the work of the Coalition. Will you join us in continuing this legacy of Washington's great outdoors?

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The Coalition unifies the diverse interests of the conservation, business, recreation, hunting, fishing, and farming communities to speak with one powerful voice about the importance of Washington’s outdoors. We advocate for robust public funding through programs like the Washington Wildlife & Recreation Program, our state's premier conservation and recreation grant program, and assist communities in accessing these funds. Driven by a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration, the Coalition supports the visions of local communities and propels the conservation of outdoor areas.

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All donations support our small but mighty team in conducting statewide outreach, education, advocacy, community building, and resource development. By supporting our work this year, you are investing in lasting change for Washington's great outdoors. Your support will allow us to assess and better understand the inequities that plague our outdoor spaces, and begin to develop strategies to create a more equitable future.

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This year more than ever, it has become obvious that there is a divide between communities with access to safe outdoor spaces, and those without. That divide will continue to grow larger, unless we act. For this reason, we’re committed to changing how our environmental systems work. Improving equity in the environmental sector is a critical element to improving the sustainability of our natural world.